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Two Canvases Painted Live!

April 30, 20242 min read


I pitch these ideas to clients as an option to truly tell their story.  And then the work begins figuring out how to make it all happen.  

One canvas of the ceremony and one of the reception.  K. No problem.

The ceremony was in a beautiful chapel in the serene sun-drenched gardens.  The reception 45-ish minutes away at an iconic recently restored theatre.  So I’d lose about an hour of work time.  


Variables like getting my gear to the chapel buried in those gardens, would I have air conditioning, I needed to make sure I had access to power for my easel light at the reception, can I dump my painty rinse water in the gardens?  

My mind goes non-stop on wedding days. 

THANKFULLY my patient willing husband was with me on this one, he helped me load in and soaked up the gardens on his own little private self-guided tour during ceremony time.  He did the driving from one venue to the next allowing me to regroup, freshen up, reset my paint stash so I’d be able to find the colors to reload a new palette for the next canvas.


ALSO so thankful my set up at the reception went super smooth.

It went fast, I didn’t fall, there were people at the door to usher me in because every appendage of mine was fully loaded and carrying something.   I got right to work, laid out the reception space background on the canvas, set up the ceremony painting on its own easel and worked on both canvases for a while, bouncing from one to the other as I would think of details that still needed a place in the painting.


Guests began trickling in, the wedding party arrived soon after, the newlyweds were announced and the party was underway. 

The venue glowed that night dressed in white and blushes and dripping in florals.  The photo booth was popping, the music so fun and so fitting, the cakes towered and twinkled. Her dresses were to die for. Those 2 canvases? Both done by the end of the night.  And, as typical for me, I floated for days on the visuals swirling in my head from this one.  

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